Bio ceramic filter

Bioceramic filter is one of the latest types of filtration and treatment. It converts water from filtered water to water loaded with minerals and salts.

bio ceramic filter

Bio ceramic Filter adds magnesium, calcium and potassium

Equivalent to water pH for the right degree of health as it works to raise alkalinity water

Water treated with bioceramic filter contains smaller water molecules, which helps to accelerate the absorption of water and moisturize the body 3 times more and faster and helps to speed absorption of minerals and salts

Filter Bio Ceramic is a home water treatment system
The Bio-Ceramic filter converts filtered water into anti-oxidant and anti-oxygen free water, or free radicals. It is very harmful to health and causes anemia, where free oxygen reacts with iron in the blood.

Rare metals in the Bio-Ceramic filter work to raise alkalinity water to improve the functions of the digestive system and does not depend on the proportion of minerals in the treated water

bio ceramic filter

Due to the accuracy of the work of the membrane, the fourth stage in the bioceramic filter, it is necessary to have a collection tank for clean water for ease of use and consisting of several layers of pure polypropylene to preserve the water without the effect of any internal or external factor with a capacity of five gallons 3.6 liters

bio ceramic filter

Product Features

Package: consists of two boxes containing the device filter and accessories and the other contains the tank of the device

Size: The size of the filter device is about 40 × 35 × 20

Tank size: 20 x 40

The device is connected to an electric current to operate the water pump to move the water inside the 24-volt purifier filter

Warranty: One year warranty against industry defects